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Specializing in reconstructive and company work paper management.


Experience shows that small businesses, challenged by their daily operations, are forced to allocate resources and personnel to provide their goods and services to their customers.  Trying to stay focused often times means that some aspect of the business is overlooked or given minimum attention.  Unfortunately many times it is the bookkeeping/accounting that suffers.  The tendency is to use an inexpensive computer program, friend relative or part time employee to keep the daily records.  For some companies this may be sufficient; for others, in order to get year end taxes prepared, the business owner incurs a substantial expense to have the company CPA reconstruct missing or poorly kept records. 


STRICTLY BOOKKEEPING specializes in office accounting reconstruction.  We work in conjunction with management to evaluate in-house staff on how to maintain accounting files in accordance with standard accounting practices.  Strictly Bookkeeping consults for an established client base, performs monthly reviews, makes correcting adjustments and works in concert with the clients' CPAs to maintain complete and organized set of company records.  Strictly Bookkeeping creates, prepares, and/or maintains for the client's CPA the company work papers, assisting the CPA in tax preparation and acts as a verifiable source to the CPA regarding any questions relating to the client's company records. 


30 years working in the bookkeeping field for CPA's, private firms and non-profit organizations. 


Knowledgeable and proficient in various accounting software programs including:


Quick Books

One Write Plus

Y-Ware YMCA (specialized software for National YMCA organizations)

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